Defined Benefit Solutions - Businesses and Non Profits


Voted #1 by Employers. Business owners have been asking about, and now it’s finally here! To meet the needs of today’s Employers and their staff, EBS has created the Strategic EAP Program.

This new strategy uses a unique concept to assist employees with their financial risks from common out-of-pocket medical expenses. This helps protect what they work for- their financial security.

Employer Advantages:

  • Promotes a healthier workforce
  • Reduced FICA taxes: an average of $396net* per participant in this program
  • Effective employee attraction and retention tool
  • Increased benefits available to employees who participate

Employee Advantages:

This is a guaranteed issue Program and employees voluntarily elect to participate in this Program. There is no reduction in the employee’s take home pay when they perform the simple monthly requirement of selecting their healthy choice, or noting if they had received any medical advice or services from a doctor or facility.

The employee uses the payroll tax savings to protect themselves financially with one or more of the following Plans:

  • Accident
  • Critical illness w/ Cancer
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Universal Life/Whole Life
  • Dental

Implementation is simple: Employer sends us a specific payroll census and based upon that data a payroll tax savings is created. The savings funds the premiums for the supplemental benefits. Premiums will be payroll deducted from the employee’s paycheck. By recording their monthly healthy choice, a claim is issued back to the employee via payroll so that the employee realizes no reduction in their take home pay.

We help the Employer with the initial payroll setup, to make implementation as simple as possible.

The Time has Come: A Modern Strategy For A Modern World!

*Example: Employer saves on average $61/month. Minus $25 premium, net savings is $36/month or $432 annually.